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E-Commerce shopping cart software is used to enable you to sell your products to your target market worldwide with ease and simplicity of use that will surely satisfy your buyers and yourself as well. This can either be utilized as an independent piece or as a part of an ecommerce website development package. If you already have an existing ecommerce site, you can opt for the independent piece of software, since you only have to integrate this to your own site. However, if you are just starting your website, you are better off with the ecommerce shopping cart software that is included as a feature in the ecommerce web creation package.

The factor of higher reach to people across the world is high when it comes to Ecommerce. A wider geographical means is made possible by Ecommerce. Because of the facility of internet, the geographical and demographical reach of ecommerce is more. In order to master the ability to understand how to make money through your E-Commerce website you will want to make sure that the design and development of your eCommerce website results in a venue that is attractive. Consumers from all walks of life naturally are drawn to stores in the brick and mortar world that are nicely decorated and appointed.

Our E-Commerce Module Futures:

Administration / Backend Functionality

» Supports unlimited products and categories

» Products-to-categories structure

» Categories-to-categories structure

» Add/Edit/Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews

» Support for physical (shippable) and virtual (downloadable) products

» Administration area secured with a username and password defined during installation

» Contact customers directly via email or newsletters

» Easily backup and restore the database

» Print invoices and packaging lists from the order screen

» Statistics for products and customers

» Multi currency support

» Automatically update currency exchange rates

» Select what to display, and in what order, in the product listing page

» Support for static and dynamic banners with full statistics

Product Functionality

» Dynamic product attributes relationship

» HTML based product descriptions

» Automated display of specials

» Control if out of stock products can still be shown and are available for purchase

» Customers can subscribe to products to receive related emails/newsletters

Customer / Frontend Functionality

» All orders stored in the database for fast and efficient retrieval

» Customers can view their order history and order statuses

» Customers can maintain their accounts

» Addressbook for multiple shipping and billing addresses

» Temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers

» Fast and friendly quick search and advanced search features

» Product reviews for an interactive shopping experience

» Forseen checkout procedure

» Secure transactions with SSL (Rs. 5000/- per year)

» Number of products in each category can be shown or hidden

» Global and per-category bestseller lists

» Display what other customers have ordered with the current product shown

» Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation

Payment Functionality

» Accept numerous offline payment processing (cheque, money orders, offline credit care processing, ..)

» Accept numerous online payment processing (PayPal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.net, iPayment, ..)

» Disable certain payment services based on a zone basis

Tax Functionality

» Flexible tax implementation on a state and country basis

» Set different tax rates for different products

» Charge tax on shipping on a per shipping service basis


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