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Software Testing Training can take time from a week to 2 month course that depends on the training needs and requirements of the software testing student. Our Software Testing Training includes all the appropriate divisions required for the software tester to understand Quality Assurance, Manual Testing as well as Automation Testing.

Satyalok Technologies has a developed very large practice of software testing which enables us in order to implement our software testing learning with quality assurance practices within our training environment. Our Software Testing team has conducted testing activities for and with large companies with vast experience that enables us to teach software testing the way the MNC’s perform.

We have a very large practice of software testing in the US and UK which enables us to implement our software testing learning and Quality Assurance practices within our training environment. Our Software Testing team has conducted testing activities for and with large companies like JP Morgan Chase, CitiBank, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Patni etc. This experience enables us to teach software testing the way the MNC’s perform.

Our Software Testing Training is well-designed course which can be make available easily for software testing jobs at the best IT companies of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Surat and Udaipur. The software testing training can be undertaken by freshers as well as experienced professional from the Software industry.

Software Testing is considered as very essential part of the Software Development Lifecycle that helps to save a software development project cost with time overruns. Software Testing Training includes deterioration testing, white box testing, black box testing, usability testing, and Quality assurance training.

In the IT industry, large companies have developed a team with everyday jobs in order to evaluate the developed software in context of the given requirements. Furthermore, developers also carry out software testing as leading Software Tester, Software Developer, Project Lead/Manager and End User.

At the same time on other hand even the experienced professionals can take the benefit of our software training program as they get to learn in-depth all the way through with practices of software testing from the experts whereas our manual software testing training course is well-designed by the experts and includes all the latest topics in syllabus to train the learners.

For this reason in the course of our training program at Satyalok even the professionals will get to learn so many new and innovative testing concepts which they have not learnt or known of earlier. They can also enhance their testing skills and knowledge despite the fact that enhancing their chances to boost up their career with best manual testing jobs in the industry.

Manual Software Training

Satyalok Technologies provides quality Manual Software Training and Software Testing training to freshers and professionals thereof.

A manual software testing is carried on by the a person who tests a software application manually without any automated processes or tools, step-by-step whereas the role of a software tester in a firm would be able to understand the client requirements and analyze the performance of the particular accordingly to find out its reliability with respect to user needs. He/she is responsible to play the role of an end user and catch as many defects as possible in the software.

At Satyalok Technologies, Manual Software Training helps you in writing test plans, developing test cases or test scripts, executing test cases, preparing the test reports and testing the fixed defects are all the responsibilities of a tester.

In the present day knowledge of testing process plays vital role including how software testing is done, how it is managed, knowledge of programming and various other methodologies of testing including regression testing, unit testing, performance testing, usability testing, black box and white box testing is very important for a tester. Therefore, manual software testing training is an important requirement for an individual looking to develop career as a manual software tester.

Mobile Testing Training

Satyalok Technologies helps to make understand for mobile application testing and provide training that is completely different from standard software testing, make you learn some of the essential know-how behind mobile devices and how those technologies affect testing, make you discover how mobile applications work with different techniques for testing them and explore the different types of mobile applications and how to test for each.

At the moment, software is becoming more useful for mobile every day, and as tablets, smart phones, and many other devices take a larger portion of the market share, testers will face pressure to test their web applications for mobile devices, as well as their organizations’ native mobile applications for which we help you to gain knowledge regarding all kinds of software frequently used in mobiles everyday. Hence, our Testing Training for mobile devices in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry means testers must learn to deliver quick, extensive, and successful tests on mobile devices.

Automation Testing Training

Satyalok Technologies provides real-time and placement focused automation testing training in Ahmedabad. Our automation testing course includes from the basic to advanced level which is well-designed in order to get the placement in good MNC companies in ahmedabad as quickly as once you complete the testing training course. Automation Testing Training is a part of Software Testing Course. Our automation testing trainers are experienced experts working hand to hand on real time multiple Automation Testing projects knowledge. We have designed our automation testing course content and syllabus based on students’ requirement in order to achieve everyone's career goal.

Satyalok Technologies offers automation testing training course with option of various training locations across ahmedabad. Automation Testing Training is a part of Software Testing Course for which our software testing and placement training centers are equipped with excellent infrastructure.

Our automation testing training course fee is cost-effective and made to measure course fee based on the each student's training requirements. Automation testing training is been conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes as per student needs.


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